On Palate Press: What Jane Goodall taught me about wine science

With so much interesting research, so many papers published, so many nit-picky little things to remember about temperatures and acidity and bugs and the rest, it’s easy to lose the forest for the trees in enology. When the much-beloved chimpanzee expert Jane Goodall came to visit the Centre for Science Communication that I call home about a month ago, in talking about the African forests she actually reminded me to step back and look at the metaphorical enological ones, too. Maybe studying chimps isn’t all that much like making wine, but I’m not sure they’re that different, either: technology and training can get in the way of both, and stories win people over more than arguments whether you’re talking primates or pH. The full story of what Jane Goodall taught me about wine science is here on Palate Press. 

One thought on “On Palate Press: What Jane Goodall taught me about wine science

  1. Erika – A unique and fascinating take on how Jane Goodall’s writing may lead all of us to better communication, whether it’s concerning chimps, wine or flyfishing. It’s always the human story that draws interest and brings the world that much closer.

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