An Important Disclaimer

An Important Disclaimer: I am a student, which means that I’m still learning. We’re all students, and we’re all still learning. Regardless, I am a student, I am still learning, and I will sometimes be wrong.

I always hesitate when I make my writing public because I’ve never read everything. I hesitate because there’s always the possibility that I’ve missed something important.

If you think you see an error in my ways, PLEASE DO:

– Comment: submit a comment on the blog so that I and everyone else can learn from what you know. I’ll thank you for it!

Email: if you’d like to comment at greater length, email me at

Share your sources: tell me how you know what you know


– Mention my error to everyone other than me

– Say I didn’t warn you

Something that goes without saying: if your comment is rude or profane, I’ll disapprove it.  If your email is rude or profane, I’ll block you.

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